Thursday 21 July 2011

Top Posts!

After a while of writing a blog you'll find that you might have started to look into your top posts. Here you'll maybe find out what people enjoy reading from your site or wonder "why is that a favourite?". It can make you feel a little bit stalked in many ways as I had a look through my blog's popular posts.

My rather embarrassing look into my first run after my knee operation is high on the list. I found it a little awkward in some ways that this was so popular. Where you laughing with me or sympathising?

Could I be a vegetarian also features high up on my popular blogs which made me smile as I hope others have thought about it too. My recent bee series has also proved popular as have my new Music Monday posts. 

But this blog's most popular post is. This. Over 6,000 views. It probably took me ten minutes to put it all together and yet has the biggest views. Not for what I wrote, it's more likely to be for the two last pictures! *ahem* but from May to December a popular google topic became "Who killed Calvin" and my blog feature heavily in the results although I never said who. Sneaky huh? Or was I hitting for views? Naughty Sarah *smacks hand*.

I am not overly disappointed by my popular posts as this blog is as random as random could be. This is the way it will always be, it still was fun to find out the popular ones. 

What are your most popular posts and how do you feel about them?


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