Thursday 14 July 2011

Sorry seems to be the hardest word

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I've blogged before about my own "sorry issues" and then at the weekend I experienced a case of someone needing to say sorry and they just didn't. The situation was getting worse and the word was not forthcoming. I became irate but in my calm way. I'll explain;

I had gone shopping with my Mum and we had gone into Boots (yes named and shamed) and she had bought a fair few items and then after she had paid she consulted her receipt and found that her *whispers this bit* senior citizen discount had not come off. It's 10% but anyway a return to the till and the guy on the till rung up The Advantage Card hotline to find out why. They took some info from the guy and then wanted to speak to my Mum. After a few confused glances from my Mum it became clear that this called for some Sarah questions.

So the discount apparently hadn't worked as in November last year the scheme changed to The Health Club scheme for the over 60's and she had received discount from that time but needed to be sent a welcome pack for the new scheme... NOT ONCE DID SHE APOLOGISE FOR THE ERROR. Sure it was not her fault but she didn't quite seem to get the fact that if the scheme changed in November last year how had she still been getting discount until that day... by now the guys on the till had offered me a seat and started laughing as I was asking how this discount could be reversed today. Again no apology and she bluntly asked to speak to the guy who had called. I muttered something to my Mum at this point which she reminded me of yesterday as I'd said "They wonder why people shop online". 

Anyway the discount was applied and sorted but you can't help but feel gruntled.

This was not the end.... argh!

We went into a few other shops then headed to Marks & Spencers. The food section. It wasn't that busy but the tills told another story. There were 5 big tills open and 3 basket only tills. The queue for the basket only tills was out of the zig zag queuing system and going up one of the aisles. I was buying 3 items and it seemed the bigger tills were moving quicker and they were. 

Then I saw him. A manager/supervisor parading along the tills on a phone. Now he could have been planning some massive plan at getting the queues down but in my experience an extra pair of hands helps. This time I didn't get the chance to say anything as he was stopped by a customer. The manager/supervisor didn't end the call he placed his hand over the mouthpiece and said "Yes". Wow. Customers are so important to you! The customer quite calmly asked if he could open some tills he replied and said "some of the staff just need to get quicker and we'll get through the queue" and he then carried on with his phone conversation. I watched as the customer placed his basket full of food onto the floor and walked out. I was tempted to do the same but I persevered. 

As I got in the car to go home I reminded myself that it was ok. Online shopping was my friend. It always will be. It's a shame as I want to keep the high street going but days like this one, you kinda lose hope!

I might have generalised as it's just two shops from loads and maybe it was a bad day for everyone but I cannot stand rudeness. This is a trait I get from my father, I used to as a child whimper in embarrassment when he used to complain in shops. Now I do it. It doesn't make me proud.

Also this is football's fault or lack of it. I don't have time for much shopping in busier weekend periods due to football. The High Street can start making themselves better from August and I might check up on it next June. Until then. Helloooooo interweb :-)


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TrailerHood Chic said...

That is horrible!!!  When I was a supervisor over the cashiers(tills) at the only retail store I've ever worked at, I ALWAYS hopped on and helped customers check out when I saw lines that were backed up.  I'd do that and help out the cashiers all over the store.