Tuesday 1 December 2009

Nanowrimo Winner!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I did it and with a day to spare, on Sunday night I finished writing in the National Novel Writing Competition. I won't say it was easy as it really wasn't, there were days when I wrote nothing; some days I wrote a couple of hundred and then in the last week I had thousands to write a day!

But it's done and yes it will need heavy editing as there are parts of it that I didn't like and will change in time. At the moment I can't look at it, I think spending this time writing on it that I now need a break from it. 

The experience showed me that you can set yourself a target and you can achieve it within that time frame.

Did anyone who reads this enter the competition? Did you manage to get it all finished?


Doonytime said...

Well done. When do we get the chance to have a read?

Sarah said...

Thank you. I've got to edit it but will probably do that next year now :-)

rachel said...

You finished?! congrats!
i did 8,000 :|

Sarah said...

Thanks hun!

At least you gave it a go!

I hope you'll keep writing it though?