Sunday, 27 December 2009

The Good The Bad and The Ugly of my week


The Good

Obviously Spurs Boy is a major good point of the week! :-)
I have never felt so full of food and drink since...well probably last Christmas! Another bit of cake anyone?
I got another follower on my blog this week :) Again thank you all!
I thought the BBC did a fantastic job on Christmas Day for the Royle Family, Gavin & Stacey and then the Catherine Tate show; shown one after the other. Fantastic! I laughed so much!
I'm still however unprepared to see David Tennant leave Doctor Who but thought Hamlet was superb and recommend you all catch it on the BBC iplayer (not sure about his appearance on Catherine Tate though, was funny but a bit weird)
I have been sorting out new work opportunities and the New Year seems exciting and yet busy but this doesn't mean my blogging will stop - Oh no! I'll still be here!
My best friend and I did a silly girlie best friends quiz from an old magazine (old as in 2006'ish) and at the end it had a description of what kind of person you were. Both descriptions were very accurate; mine described me as; Quick witted,Wacky sense of humour, Impatient, Friend for Life, Secretly romantic. At first I did not think mine was accurate (as we all tend to do when someone says what we are like) but my friend quickly told me that it was indeed true and I was the same with her description given. I think they are good qualities, well maybe except the impatient part - but that's what make me, me!
Any Sex & The City fans reading this? Well look what I found this week - the trailer for the new movie  
This week also saw the ending of a few of my favourite TV programmes - Spooks ended and it ended in a way that we still don't know what happened! Was anyone else left screaming to know if they had got out? Argh! One Tree Hill ended and this saw characters Lucas and Peyton driving off into the sunset with their daughter Sawyer so farewell as they are not in the next series. Gossip Girl also ended and cannot wait to see the next Series also. Has anyone read the Gossip Girl books? Any good?
The Hollyoaks flashback episode was as good as I had thought it would be!
I have got addicted AGAIN to The Settlers game on my iPhone.
My local football team has been saved from administration :-)
Manchester United winning again, although I was unimpressed by performance. MUST play better!
Did I mention Spurs Boy? ;-)
How long is my good list this week! Wow 

The Bad

I didn't like it when the snow then melted :-(
Hangovers!?! Had a fuzzy head the past few mornings...
Hate January Sales... the adverts (although I like the Roy Orbison "You Got It" Dreams advert) and I hate messy sale shops...urgh...internet shopping for me until February!

The Ugly

I made a new database project for my work and for some reason it didn't save, had to re-do it all. Thus putting me in a foul mood and cursing everything in sight!

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Anonymous said...

ok had to comment on david- not prepared and completely in denial
catherine tate show- hmmm no idea what to say to be honest.

glad you had a nice christmas though