Tuesday 15 December 2009

Legends Part Two

Whilst Giggs was picking up his award on BBC1 (as I blogged about in my Legend Part One piece) a quick channel change to ITV saw Sir Paul McCartney performing on the X Factor Final. It was met with criticism from fans as they felt he had become a bit of a sell-out for appearing on the ITV show. Sir Macca is a good friend of both Simon Cowell and Dermot O'Leary so really who cares...it was Sir Paul McCartney! 

Although I was annoyed as Jedward got to sing with him! 

Will be getting (hopefully) Beatles Rock Band for Christmas so will have the opportunity myself to sing with him! Sad? No... maybe disillusional!


Doonytime said...

Dillusional? Why not enjoy a sing song.... just let the neighbours know first!! Lol!

Sarah said...

I might need to soundproof the place first LOL