Wednesday 30 December 2009

Quality Street Favourites

Ok so have you ever counted how many of each chocolate you get in a Quality Street (can be Roses etc) tin?

Well I'd seen Simon Fairbairn had done a blog about it and thought as someone had bought me a tin for Christmas that I would do the same, see photo above.

My favourite is the Green Triangle.


Toffee Finger = 10                                  
Toffee Penny  =12
Toffee Deluxe = 11
Mint Choc Block = 9
Coconut Eclair = 11
Purple One = 7
Orange Choc = 5
Strawberry Delight = 13
Green Triangle = 6
Orange Creme = 12
Caramel Swirl = 5
Vanilla Fudge = 11

Only 6 of my favourites! Boo hoo! Also I hate toffee's!

But my brother bought me 3 of the GIANT Green Triangle's so my Christmas wasn't entirely ruined!       



Simon Fairbairn said...


See, there is definitely a tendency for them to be stingy with the Orange Crisps, the Caramel Swirls and the Green Triangles.

Good work!

Sarah said...

Indeed there is!

When I get another tin I'll do it again!