Tuesday 24 November 2009

Sarah Loves... Button Flowers

Another look around on Etsy this week and I came across this novelty way of never needing to buy flowers to decorate your house again and of course having to throw them away.

Then I found these plastic flower creations by stellaraesdesigns.


In the item description it says
I just love making these! The combinations are endless!

You will receive 12 almost random stems. I say almost because I will make sure to include at least 3 "unique" flowers. Unique in the sense that they have a texture, shape or design unlike a typical button.

The stems range in size from 8-12" and these are all made with green florist wire. 
They will also set up a separate listing if you contact them about certain colours etc that you would like. These are on my list of must-haves for the New Year or maybe even before...


Amber said...

Thanks for featuring my button flowers!

Sarah said...

You're very welcome!

They are such a good idea! x