Tuesday 17 November 2009

Sarah Loves... Scrabble Tile Pendants

I have decided to do a weekly blog about my weekly find as I browse the internet and this will be called Sarah Loves...

So this week whilst searching on Etsy I found scrabble tile pendants, yes that's right they are made using a recycled scrabble game tile and then fixed onto a chain. There are so many of these available to buy on Etsy and in other places and it seems to be quite easy to actually make your own. You can buy your own scrabble making kit to get you started.

The best seller I found was peachypendants and here are some of their designs


All of the items (including the scrabble making kit are available from peachypendants

Has anyone bought similar or do you make your own?

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Aalina Eden said...

great pics of tiles pendant. Actually pendants have its unique look if we craft them sincerely just like the above pics

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