Friday 6 November 2009

I'm loving Laura's Jewellery

I came across Laura's Jewellery from the competition I wrote about on this blog from Bling and Buy and started to follow her on twitter etc and I bought a Mystery Goodie Bag from her store on Folksy last week.

The Mystery Goodie Bags are described as;

3 items for £3.50... what a bargain!

I know we all love surprises and bargains even more, that what these gorgeous little goodie bags are for.

Each one has 3 items in (from a choice of necklaces, earrings, phone charms, pin badges and keyrings).

I can promise you that you won't be disappointed with these little beauties!

*Bag will be selected at random!

I was really happy with my goodie bag (pictures above), the necklace and pink earrings are perfect for my god-daughter for Christmas and the other earrings are a gift... for me. They are lovely and perfect for Christmas time! They are selling pretty quick so get yours soon.

Also there are a few other beautiful items that she has for sale so take a look before they sell out, my favourite though has to be this necklace, with one side saying "AVAILABLE" and the other "TAKEN". Love it!

Check out her shop on Folksy here and also you can follow her on twitter here.

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