Monday 2 November 2009

My First Graze Box

What is a graze box?

A graze box is a healthy snack/lunch that is delivered to you through the post. The snacks included in your box include fresh fruit, nuts, seeds, dried fruit, natural treats, special mixes and olives.

Simply pick out what days you would like a box (great for work lunches as it can be delivered to your work and maybe suggest it to your boss as a good healthy lunch for all the staff!) and then go through all the choices of foods and select your favourites and "bin" the ones you never want to be picked. Then the graze people will make up a box based on your selections and the box fits through your letterbox - perfect!

At the moment due to postal strikes they are making special boxes called "postal strike boxes" which do not include fresh fruit incase they don't get to you in time.

I was really happy with my first box, they had selected;

Fire Nuts - hot chilli almonds, hot chilli cashews and wasabi coated peanuts (these wasabi ones were sooooo hot so have a drink handy!)
Korean Chilli Rice Crackers - These were super yum, rice crackers are a bit boring but not these
Dried Raspberries - Looks like raisins lovely
Yoghurt Coated Peanuts - LOVE THESE!

My first box came last Tuesday and I have another coming tomorrow and logging onto graze today it says they are packing my next box that will come tomorrow! So excited!

Boxes are £2.99, how much do you spend on your lunch everyday for work?If your good and always make your lunch and therefore save yourself money already, be warned soon everyone will be getting these delivered to their work desks and you could be the only one with homemade sandwiches!

All the packaging can be recycled so no waste! It's a great find and if you enter: NPGZLH9B in the code section when you checkout you can get your first box for £1. Check out graze now!


Doonytime said...

A good post, once again. Do you think this is a 'girlie' thing, or would us real men! enjoy them too? Lol! Sounds really great.

Sarah said...

I don't think it's a girlie thing, it's very healthy though.

Got a new code now: 8NFLBKZN
Get the first box free and 2nd box half price! Bargain.

Had my new box turn up today; yum yum lots of good stuff again