Saturday 14 November 2009

Can I be Callen's partner please?

Can I please be his partner?

Chris O'Donnell plays Special Agent Callen in the spin off programme of NCIS called NCIS: Los Angeles. When I say partner I mean be his colleague of course, why what else would I mean (although I wouldn't say no - LOL)

I know there is a lot of danger; every episode they seemed to get shot at and I'm sure with the right protective gear that I would be fine. But they get to solve all these crimes with a super douper cool large computer screen (see it in action in the video below at about 0.59) and I would like to add this it to my Christmas list if I cannot join the NCIS team :(

Not only that but you get to drive a New Dodge Challenger - WOW!

Anyone know of what qualifications I need? And who I contact?


Doonytime said...

I have to admit that he doesn't do it for me, but Daniela Ruah, who plays special agent Kensi Blye is certainly one for the male viewers.

I too, love the action and implausibility of it all. But such good fun.

Sarah said...

I love it for pure escapism and of course the reasons listed above!