Wednesday 4 July 2012

Reviewed: L'Oreal's Youth Code Luminosity Extraordinary Serum

I had to laugh when I was sent this particularly after my 'thirty something skin' revelation that I wrote about last week. I actually chuckled away out loud reading the title, L'Oreal Youth Code Luminosity Extraordinary Serum, makes you say WOW and also giggle again. It's such a long title for a bottle that is said to do so much.

The blurb 

A precious, light-infusing serum developed for women aged 25-35 to help correct dark spots and reveal more even, youthful looking skin. The Serum is enriched with patented Lumi-GenTM technology to even and illuminate your skin tone.
Immediately, your skin is deeply hydrated. It glows with a new luminosity.
In 1 week, your skin is more even. Correction of different types of dark spots begins. Marks start to fade: dark spots, sun spots and age-spots.
In 1 month, dark spots are visibly reduced. Your skin tone is even and more luminous.

My Review

As I had said before how my combination skin had now turned dry I before would have baulked at the idea of any cream with luminosity. I shine enough thank you! Now things were different and my skin needed a pep but I was a bit concerned that this could send my skin back into it's oily t-zone days. I used the samples given very liberally and made them last a week. The cream wasn't over perfumed and it didn't seem to shimmer as I had a sudden thought I could put it on my face and have a glitter effect!

After a few days I noticed that on my cheeks especially, my skin was smoother and a bit tighter. Then after a week I hadn't noticed this happen across the whole of the rest of my face. Once I had stopped using this my skin seemed dry again and I did this test just over a week ago and I have decided to buy the full bottle. The weather (again!) has got wet, windy and bleurgh again and my skin needs a pep if I can't have sunshine! 

So in conclusion I am so glad I was sent this and now hopefully I can keep my skin youthful with some luminosity too. Perfect!


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