Wednesday, 11 July 2012

I love to laugh...hahahahaha

I laugh at some pretty stupid things. Myself mainly which I am totally ok with. In fact I am more than ok with being a bit silly and acting like a loon. I have fun, I enjoy life. I enjoy laughing, you know the little giggles that you try to stifle because you're at work or somewhere a laugh right now would have everyone staring. Somehow that laugh still slips out, louder than you'd ever imagined and because of that it is even more funny.

I can still watch episodes of Friends and laugh along like it's the first time I have seen them. I can also shout PIVOT loudly at the TV and know I must sound 1. mad 2. still mad. I have also over the years laughed along with many comedians some that I am probably embarrassed to mention at my age, Ken Dodd is one of them. But that's what it is, or 'as is'(that's an in-joke).

I love to laugh. I need to surround myself with more funny stuff. Laughter is good for my soul. Just like cake. Cake and laughter, who could ask for anything more?



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