Friday, 6 July 2012

Chrome for iOS = YES!

I wrote recently about switching (finally!) over to Google Chrome and I had heard mumblings that an app was due for iOS. Then when I saw it trending on twitter I quickly downloaded it. The Safari option is at best clunky and quite basic, now with Chrome I can log into my account and it's all synced together.

Obviously if the apps need an internet page it automatically resorts to safari which is fine. Although I wonder how much longer this will happen. With Chrome on my iPhone and iPad I can easily get around my favourite websites with ease. The single address/search bar makes the navigation bar tidy. I also like how the most used symbols : . - / .com feature above the keypad rather than at the bottom or you have to click through to find them.

I have already found that Chrome was saving on my internet usage on my computer and I don't really do a lot of surfing on my iPhone but I do on my iPad. Chrome on the iOS is quick, well thought out and a great addition to my home screen.

You can download Chrome for your iOS here.


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