Friday 13 July 2012

Bees update

Back in early spring I was delighted by how well my beehive was looking after a particularly cold winter. I inspected the hive carefully for any signs of disease and of course located the Queen Bee who seemed happy. The workforce had been tucking away into their winter stores and although they had been checked on several times during the cold months, the first Spring inspection is always very important. With no sign of disease in the hive and the numbers were quite high we believed that our hive was in a strong condition for the year. That was the same through the next few months, until early June.

We are almost quadrupling making our own bee candy as the pollen stores are so low. The numbers have decreased by a third and are not showing any signs of getting better with the weather forecast being particularly wet for the immediate future. Back in April I had started to make my own jars of honey as the warmer days in April had made the hive very busy. It is completely different now. Sadly this is not all due to the weather.

We know that pesticides have been harming bees and other insect types for years and it seems now with the wetter weather in the UK that some are increasing their use. Without bees we would be damaging our crops, it's as simple as that. No bees to pollinate our crops would be very bad.

With myself still under training I am always looking for guidance so my tutor has told me that I need to stop going back for a bit. Bit like leaving your child at school for the first time I guess, I just have to let them get on. I don't go every week as it is but I can see the whole beehive experience in recent weeks has been traumatic for me and the bees. Firstly I get absolutely soaked and those bee suits are super clingy when wet, yuck! Secondly the hive is very loud, more annoyed by the interruption of this big person who is pressuring them to work. Oops.

Definitely still learning and there are so many factors to take into consideration. So I will stop being so obsessive, for now.

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