Tuesday 4 August 2009


Totally fed up of our non-existent Summer! Had a few hours of sunshine today but not really warm enough to sit out in it. But luckily it's enough to get the garden back into some kind of order!

Peas and Runner beans are being picked once a week at the moment. Tomatoes are still green, so waiting for them to turn red. I have 2 gem lettuces that should be ready in the next few weeks, with a further 3 growing also.

Our buddleia is so beautiful and tall, it's definitely attracting the butterflies. There were 4 painted lady butterflies on it today! I'm thinking about buying a butterfly house, going to do some research on them first and where is best to put them etc

I saw Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince last week, and as I say whenever I watch the latest film 'that was definitely my favourite'. Tom Felton's performance as Draco Malfoy throughout the series has always been the best of the so called 'child actors', and he does not disappoint in this latest installment. I just cannot wait for the next one.

I've nearly got my other blog properly up and running now. Then all I need to do is just add to it every few days. Yuwie seems to be working okay, but I'm still learning what I'm really doing!

In my to-do list I have pencilled in that September is when I'm going to start serious writing with my book/story, so I have to get all my planning done by then. Should be okay...

All of the fish are doing very well. Luke who was a orange and black oranda is now just a orange oranda with tiny bits of black on the tips of his fins and tail. He is definitely still the boss of the tank but occasionally the other oranda Katie shows him that she's in charge! Good on ya girl!

I'm getting very excited about the twenty20 cricket I'm going to at the end of the month at Old Trafford. I've been learning my barmy army songs!

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