Tuesday 18 August 2009

Tai Chi

So I have decided that in September I will be starting to learn Tai Chi. I have signed up for weekly classes and we shall see, I'm looking forward to a change in exercise, I use the Wii Fit and have had yoga classes in the past year or so. Although again have been pretty lapse on the Wii Fit and thinking about it I really should do some today...maybe...

Although I haven't actually put on any weight through not exercising recently, but that's a bad trend to get into right? So yes I will start exercising more regularly (notice how I'm trying to convince myself with this!)

This week I'm off to Aldenham Country Park; full of woodland walks, open fields, and lakes. There is a lovely animal area that you can walk around, but by far the best part is the Winnie the Pooh’s '100 Aker Wood’ trail where you can walk around to see if Winnie the Pooh or any of his friends are at home. Each house is made of wood and has a door knocker.

You can even play "pooh sticks" at the bridge :-) For more info have a look at

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