Tuesday 31 January 2012

Blog Love - January

So yesterday I mentioned a new feature was coming to the blog and this has already had many forms on this blog in its history but it's back with a simpler format. Today is the first Blog Link Up, and at the end of every month I will go through my Top 5 new blogs that I have found that I am now obsessed with. I have a lot of blogs that I read and through twitter, tumblr, facebook etc I am finding great ones on a weekly level so I thought it was about time I shared them with you all. You see I'm nice like that.

The blogs don't have to be new. I like nothing more than coming across a blog that has history. Do you read back? I do. Just... maybe don't read mine. Ok? Heehee. *blushes*

So anyway this month I came across

Most of the time pictures of Ryan Gosling make me go jshhiaxhrkjhrtghsgyketrehajewhk and then I came across this tumblr site which uses pictures of Mr Gosling with witty craft slogans. That if possible, make me fall in love with him more. How is that possible? Anyway a good fun blog to keep your eye on.

If you like following craft tutorials and my ultimate fave that I found on this site - hairstyle tutorials. This site is just fantastic! Easy to follow hairstyles. I've had effortless hair for the past few days since giving some of them a go. Sure it might take a while to learn some of them but this blog is definitely one to bookmark.

Kind of biased as I know this lady but anyway it's still fab. If you're into photography then give this site a look. It's always full of fun photos, mainly around her gorgeous daughter. Good enough reason for me!

My younger brother has Downs syndrome and I came across Noah's Dad on twitter, as soon as you visit the site you are immediately met with Noah's beautiful blue eyes. Wow. The site has plenty of advice for parents and families and it's been a very lovely and welcome new find this month. Noah even has his own instagram! Wow!

Needing a bit of organisation? This blog will help you, there are handy recipes and printables for helping you or ideas for the kids. I don't get to this site every day but at the end of the week I feel motivated and use a lot of her tips the next week.

So there are my five favourites that I found in January. What can you recommend me for February? Drop me a comment below :-)

I've got to dash for my date with Ryan... Oh how I wish! 

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