Monday 30 January 2012

Going through changes

You might be wondering where Music Monday has gone to... well that's now on my tumblr as I felt it was better suited to that format than on here. I wanted to change so many things about this blog in 2012 and starting at the end of January isn't bad is it? Haha. Oops!

But the extra month has given me some more planning time so that helps. I think towards the end of 2011 I lost my way with this blog and I do now write for several other sites and perhaps my time management skills have not been enough. Bad Sarah! So I'm back, full of spirit (hic) and enthusiasm! Which is kinda weird as today is absolutely freezing! Snow is set for the week in parts of the UK so I hope everyone wraps up warm, I admit I should have layered up today as its freezing. Brr!

I will start going through my emails tomorrow and I have a stack of reviews to catch up on - another oops! Tomorrow will also see the start of a new feature which I'm excited about. Come back tomorrow to see what it is :-)

If anyone wants to blog swap let me know as I'll be happy to!

Have a good day, and keep warm!


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