Friday 6 January 2012

January clean up!

It's January the time to start having a clear out or hibernate until the better weather comes along... well this is about decluttering. I don't know about you but my wardrobe can get a bit disorganised at times. So January is just the right time to get it back into action again, especially after you've hit the January sales and bought more clothes.

I had seen an idea that to sort your wardrobe you should turn all your coathangers around in the opposite way you normally have them and then in 6 months anything that is still facing the wrong way - get rid of! Well I didn't like the idea of my wardrobe looking backward so I created a divider simply using a bright red coathanger. Anything that is still on the right hand side in my wardrobe after 6 months will be taken to the charity shop. Everything I have worn is on the left hand side. So far the plan is working but then it's been less than a week so far. 

Before this long term plan it's good to go through each item and ask yourself these questions;

- Am I going to wear this again?

- Does it fit?

- Has it lost its colour or is it a bit too worn?

- Has it lost any buttons or the trousers too scuffed at the bottoms (I have short legs!)

Charity shops will welcome anything that you don't want. Then you can go and have another shop! (only if you've thrown stuff away, that is the rules!)

You have to be really decisive so you can fill your wardrobe with lots of things that YOU will wear. January is also a good time to sort through shoes and jewellery. 

Don't forget if everyone declutters now... the charity shops will be full of things you'd like ;-)


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