Tuesday 10 January 2012

Address book organisation fail or win?

I was given the above gorgeous address and birthday book, something I've wanted for ages but thought it was a bit boring to buy myself. But LOOK at it. There are cakes on it. But I cannot eat the book... well I guess I could. But that's just weird right? 

So for 2012 and my super organised self this book is going to be an immense help but you've already noticed my title of this blog and thought how can this be a fail? Well this is me we're talking about so oops! Whenever I start a new book I want to make sure my writing is neat. Will I write in capitals... blue or black pen... Yes it's just a book. But these are all important questions that run through my mind.
So I got to deciding that I would write in blue and in capitals throughout. Then I added my first address under the initial tab of her first name not surname! Oops. But... it works. I've been using it for two weeks and January is quite a busy month and so far it's not let me down. In fact I think it has me more organised! Why didn't I think of sorting my addresses out like this before. 

Super organised! WIN!


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