Thursday, 15 December 2011

Reviewed: Escada Especially for Women

One of the perks of being a blogger is the occasional freebie that you get sent. Amongst the Christmas cards this week I received a tiny little sample of Especially Escada fragrance. As you know I don't like pink or gold so the bottle is a bit lost on me. Does anyone else buy perfume because of the pretty bottle?

As for the scent it's probably stronger than I would normally choose to sample in store but found that with time the scent calmed down and was really individual. It was still quite strong and I'd probably not wear this during the day but for meals out this would be ideal when you want something a bit more noticeable. It has been described as being floral, rosy, fruity and musky. For me it is definitely musky and floral. But not a floral scent that's too girly. You'll know from reading this blog that I don't like things to be too girly.

The advertising campaign has Bar Rafaeli.... girl crush!

So if you need a last minute Christmas gift, this could be it :-)

For more information see the website Especially Escada

Received a card sample in the post that has now been scraped of all scent that I've possibly hurt my wrist!



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