Sunday, 24 January 2010

The Good The Bad and The Ugly of my week

The Good

I throughly enjoyed my first Jukari session, and I hope to go again in February :-)

I love Glee! Definite new TV obsession

Absolutely love the Pussycat London collection at New Look that I blogged already about here

Spurs boy bought us a breadmaker, I had mentioned on twitter about wanting one and I seemed to get very mixed views on whether getting one was a good idea. But Spurs boy likes gadgets and so he bought one. I love it! I made banana bread today and it really helped with getting rid of my hangover :-) I have been asked to make chocolate banana bread, anyone tried it?

I completed my first Tesco online food shop and it will arrive this week :-)

Driving is no longer a scary thing, I have now driven on the M25 in rush hour. I think I can now say driving fear over! :-)

Went to an engagement party of people Spurs boy and I used to work with and they asked me to be Chief Bridesmaid and Spurs boy to be Best Man. We both feel very honoured and I am incredibly excited. I won tickets to The National Wedding Show this week from This Little Lady Went To London and these will be put to good use now.

Good news on the football front that Owen Hargreaves should be back playing again really soon, Oh how we have missed you! It was his birthday this week too Happy Birthday Owen!

I don't know if I've ever mentioned this before but I love this idea of pubs having board games available to play. Spurs boy and I went to the pub for food today and we ended up staying and playing scrabble with our friends. I love it and we plan to do it again soon!

The Bad

I still haven't got used to it being 2010, I keep writing 2009!

Both myself and Spurs boy had football sulks regarding our teams and even though we had them we seemed to cope really well with them. I think the main rule is to avoid the one having the football sulk until it's over!

After finding my filofax I need to get a bigger one, I have too much to write down and can't get my handwriting much smaller! Not really a bad thing as I need to do some shopping :-)

My next weekend free is March 13th! Busy times but again this isn't necessarily bad as I guess it keeps me out of trouble!

The Ugly

I dropped my iPhone this week and for a scary 30 minutes or so I couldn't get it to work. I am now pleased to say that it does now work, I think it just wanted to make me feel guilty for dropping it! And I did :-(

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