Sunday, 10 January 2010

The Good The Bad and The Ugly of my week

The Good

Spending time with family

Finished reading Eternal

It was weird to be away from Spurs Boy for nearly two weeks but neither of us are that needy and whingy (I've always seemed to get with men who were needy and I don't like it). It's nice to finally be in a grown up relationship!

Also was nice though to see how much he had missed me; we made dinner together and then we went out and saw Avatar - recommend you all see it!

I finally drove all by myself! I passed my test last year and then didn't drive for well months and then when I did get in a car I had completely lost my confidence. Got it back though now and it was on snowy roads so even more proud of myself! And I even went out for errands too! Going to do a lot more driving this week :-)

I've never said "Well Done" to one of my friends for getting his dream job, he truly deserves it and I'm really proud of him!

Starting to look for a place to live with Spurs Boy, he's a property developer and the new idea is to design the perfect place. Sounds a bit adventurous to me but secretly I'm really excited about the idea...shh!

I know it's wrong but this is my favourite advert at the moment. I know it's dead cheesy and makes you want to run for your sick bucket but it makes me smile every time I see it. It could just be that you see Jamie's naked chest (Swoon!), yes you know the one The Thomas Cook advert featuring the Redknapp's.

The Bad

I haven't blogged as much as I wanted to! Will make amends again this week (Or will try)

Manchester United (again) playing like utter s***! Sick of it!

The Ugly

My tickly cough has now gone back into a full blown cold - sneeze-a-rama!

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