Sunday, 31 January 2010

The Good The Bad and The Ugly of my week

The Good

Spurs boy surprising me with tickets to see Arsenal v Manchester United, although it's his birthday weekend! Was fantastic especially as United won 3-1 and I do like to be proved wrong as for months I have been absolutely shouting and hurling general abuse in the direction of Nani and now it seems he's turned a corner. Fantastic! Also Rooney scored his 100th premiership goal and I screamed when he scored so much that I lost my voice. A great week for my boys at United :-))

Watched Bride Wars the other day and was pleasantly surprised to see Bryan Greenburg was in it :-)

I won a fantastic bag from Funky Diva Designs this week and will be featuring more of the bags in my 'Sarah Loves...' post this week

Did everyone watch Celebrity Big Brother? To be honest I didn't really watch a lot but I had to watch it when Davina went in, how excited was she? Haha bless her although they were pretty mean to her. I thought her little chick noises were so cute! 

My first Tesco online food order arrived, not quite on time but enough to make me worry that I hadn't ordered it!

Not sure why I have only just realised but I bought Rock Band for the iPhone which is my new favourite game to play! Beatles Rock Band for the Wii also going well, now on medium.

I now have got my top score up to 254 on Airline Conquerer USA, still not as high as before the updates. But ho hum!

Had my first proper wage for a while and it felt oh so good! Haven't had time to do any shopping yet but I will be :-). Obviously have bought presents for Spurs boy's birthday all sorted and gotta stay quiet about what he's got (his birthday is February 1st). Also having money again meant I could treat Spurs boy to a meal out and he hates surprises and to be honest I did wind him up about it, but it's nice to have a bit of power every now and again right?

The Bad

I want an iPad but would like them to change the name so that it doesn't sound like a make of sanitary towels. Mega fail! :-((

Not bad for me but a certain Chelsea and England defender John Terry  has taken over the headlines over the weekend. Naughty boy it seems and what a great big hot mess he seems to be in! (This would probably be in the ugly section but it didn't happen to me so felt it was just the bad)

The Ugly

I went to the Spurs match at White Hart Lane against Fulham with Spurs boy (this is not the ugly part) but on the way to the stadium my iPhone died, I had at least half a battery left! Then I had to call Spurs boy from a public telephone (haven't used one in ages - lol) so I knew where to meet him. I felt lost without my phone and if I'm honest I felt a bit vulnerable to be in London without a working phone! 

Good thing is I now have a brand new replacement iPhone and it's all shiny and new. Remember to back up your iPhone peeps, I always try to every couple of days but will start to try to get into a better routine.

Saturday was a terrible day - we had a phonecall to say that Spurs boy's Mum had a car accident, nothing serious but at the time we were both concerned until we had seen her. Then when we came back home we were in the middle of a powercut and our washing machine was stopped mid cycle and has now broken :-( Spurs boy has said he should be able to fix it though :-)

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