Monday 4 January 2010

Interview with Sophie Brown - London 2012 Young Ambassador

This is my first interview I've ever done on my blog and hopefully this will be the first of many. So my first one is with Sophie Brown who is the Youth Ambassador for London 2012 Olympics for the Wear Valley and Teesdale District. Sophie is only 16.

What made you want to become a Young Ambassador?

It wasn't so much that I wanted to become the ambassador of sport, I had honestly never thought about it, I didn't even know existed in my area. My PE teacher nominated me for the role by writing up my achievements and I honestly thought nothing of it, I didn't think my achievements would stand out from the rest. So when I became the Ambassador I was surprised yet very proud.

What do you do as Young Ambassador for your area?

I was named in Young Ambassador in September 2009, so I have taken that time to plan for this year. I have however been into local primary schools and the community to make people aware of who I am. I plan to get every school onto the GET SET program by london 2012, and there will be notice boards promoting the values of the Paralympic and Olympic Games. 

How do you promote what work you do?

If I'm honest at the beginning this, I wasn't going to do any promotion at all I was going to rely on word of mouth. I then realised that I wouldn't achieve much from this. I have been featured in a local rugby clubs newsletter, its the club I used to referee for so they are very supportive. I then decided only a few weeks ago to promote what I do over the internet using twitter and youtube. I have just set up a facebook page recently and I might join bebo.

What is your Favourite sport?

Rugby is my favourite sport and rugby is the reason I am so interested in sport. Particularly because of the Rugby World Cup 2003 when England became world champions. In 2008 I became the youngest ever fully qualified Female Rugby Referee in the country.

Who are your sporting inspirations?

I have a few people in the sporting world that I look up to and think WOW - Jonny Wilkinson being one of them, he is such a dedicated athlete. I remember reading his book many many years ago and there was quote, an inspirational quote you could call it and it has stayed with me ever since I think it went along the lines of 'Reach for the moon, because if you fail you'll land among the stars'
Another inspiration is Dame Kelly Holmes, she has done so much for sport, she runs a campaign called 'Girls active' its all about getting girls to stay interested in sport, I am a part of this campaign. I met her briefly in January last year, I was very proud to receive an email from her recently congratulating me on all my success.

How do you manage your time?

This is a good question, because at the moment I don't manage my time well at all, many people say I do too much. I am juggling all the sport work I do with full time education and 2 weekend waitressing jobs. So I do as much as I can when I can fit it in.

What does 2010 hold for you?

This year is going to a BIG year in many ways I have my exams to complete at GCSE level and I also have my ambassador work so this year I am going to have to find the right balance. Ambassador-wise, I am going to do as much as possible for the local area for the Olympics, I would like to be able to run a sports event maybe a multi-skills tournament, I want to get more publicity for the Values.

I am also in the process of writing a radio show, of which I need people's opinions and thoughts on, I will be asking questions on my twitter page, and need as many people as possible to answer.

At the moment I can’t tell you much, but in the near future I will be sitting down to right out a detailed plan for the future. 

What do you do in your free time?

Free time is something of a dream, but when I do have free time I like spending time with friends going to music concerts, this year I have been to see Mcfly, Pink, Beyonce, Girls Aloud and Take That twice.

If I could grant you three wishes; what would you wish for?

I would wish for; success, to be a part of London 2012 in a big way and to be a part in the rugby world cup 2015.

Have you got any New Years Resolutions?

I usually don't make these, because I would only break them. But this year is going to be different, I am going to manage my time, have no regrets and take every opportunity that's given to me.

If anyone has any advice or wants to help Sophie then please contact her using the links above thank you!

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That was your first interview? I'm impressed. Asked all the right questions and got great insight. I'll be following with interest.