Tuesday 19 January 2010

Fantasy Clothes Shopping

I've seen on a few blogs that I read people have done shopping blogs and Rachel really likes to do these on her blog. They basically blog about if they could buy the featured items then they would! This one is hardly a extreme budget fantasy shop as I just need one dress and none of the selection are over £30 but I'd like them all :-)

I have a party to go to on Saturday and I'm in need of a new outfit and found a great selection at New Look in their boutique collection Pussycat London.

Pussycat Check Dress £22

Pussycat Geo Print Dress £22

Pussycat Necklace Dress £23

Pussycat Peacock Dress £22

Pussycat Segment Dress £22

Pussycat Spot Dress £18

Which one would you pick?
Pictures and dresses from New Look


Anonymous said...

Oh good fantasy shopping Sarah

Sarah said...

Thank you!!! x