Monday 7 September 2009

Good Luck To England on Wednesday

I apologise for this second post on football in the last week for those uninterested in it.

I felt I should write a post about wishing England "Good Luck" on Wednesday night when they play Croatia. I wish I could be as excited for the game like a Manchester United game, but England never seem to have the same exciting football, I always feel uninspired after. There are some of the players who are proud to wear the national shirt, but there are others (Steven Gerrard for example) who don't show the same spirit or hunger that they do for their club teams which is a real shame.

I of course can remember all to well England's last encounter with Croatia and the picture below (the Wally with the brolly headline) being on the front and back of newspapers the next day, I was shocked that we had played so badly and I hope that this could be the time in South Africa for England to win the World Cup.

But, I know that England haven't really faced a big test for some time now and I don't honestly believe that we can match Brazil or Spain in the final of The World Cup? I hope so.

I also hope it doesn't rain on Wednesday night and that no one hands Fabio Capello an umbrella!

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