Tuesday 8 September 2009

Inspiration to write?

Is it weird to have a new notebook to be able to write?

When I was younger every school year there would be the school uniform shop (Boring!) and then there was the shop for new pens, folders etc and that was always more fun! Ever since then at college and beyond I have always bought a new pile of stationary for each needed occasion or project.

I have a special pen and pencil that take replacements so have no need to look for others, so my main vice is for notepads. The other thing that amazes me is how many different styles of notepad there are now, which is bad for me as there is even more temptation now.

So before I start to write I must purchase some new notepads. Amazing how inspiration can come from things so pretty and yet so small...


S. said...

Whoa. I have an urge to get a new notebook too every time I want to write. I feel a new notebook has some sort of magic... But usually after filling up the first 15-20 page, I feel an urge to get another one xD

It's fun! I thought it only happened to me!

Sarah said...


I've just ordered a new notepad yesterday and have already spied some others that have taken my fancy!