Thursday 24 September 2009

Crazy week so far!

I am apologising again as I will be doing EVEN more football posts as I am now writing for (We Don't Know Football), I'm very excited about it and I'm still smiling from ear to ear, if you see WDKF in the blog labels you know it's also been posted on their website too. Football fans should check it out and join in the debates, we wouldn't get anywhere without people's viewpoints. If you're not a football fan, still drop by and something might take your fancy! My first big article on Women's football that I also posted on here has got quite a reception.

With all this excitement I haven't got round to starting my own book yet, I will start it soon though. My friend's book that I mentioned I had been asked by him to read; FINALLY (stupid Royal Mail) arrived! Only got the first 3 chapters but it's really good. All I can say is that it's a science fiction story... and that's all I can say! 

Tai Chi this week was really good, although I'm finding it now a little difficult, everything is done so slowly and through the years of doing more "active" fitness regimes, I'm used to using more power! It is quite hard to slow punch!

It's a beautiful day to day, the sun is out and it's actually pretty warm out! I'm off to Woburn Abbey Safari Park tomorrow as a volunteer with a charity that supports people with learning difficulties. Although sun or rain we still will have a great day! 

I will be making some cupcakes again next week, I haven't made any for ages and I feel the need... the need for cakes!

I'll be watching Flash Forward on Monday night on Five, the trailer has had me hooked for weeks. Let's hope the programme lives up to the trailer!

That's all for now, take care y'all


Doonytime said...

Phew! Blimey!

I can't keep up. Busy busy busy.
Great to read about all the stuff you're doing.

Looking forward to hearing all about the trip to the safari.

Sidrah said...

Football!!..... My brothers and mum are crazy about it, but I just dont get it =|
Will check out the site =]

You're planning to write your own book? That's great ^^ All the best!

Send me some cupcakes, too!

Happy blogging =)