Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Quote from One Tree Hill "Stepping up"

Voiceover by Nathan Scott, played by James Lafferty.

"Stepping up. It's a simple concept. It basically means to rise above yourself; to do a little more, to show you something special. Something like this. Lucas is gone, but that doesn't mean the season is over. As a matter of fact, I say it's just beginning. You might want to stay out of my way for a while. Life's funny sometimes; it can push pretty hard like when you fall in love with someone but they forget to love you back, like when your best friend and your boyfriend leave you alone, like when you pull the trigger or light the flame and you can't take it back. Like I said, in sports they call this 'stepping up'. In life, I call it 'pushing back".'

"You know it's been said that we just don't recognize the significant moments of our lives while they're happening. We grow complacent with ideas, or things or people and we take them for granted and it's usually not until that thing is about to be taken away from you that you've realized how wrong you've been that you realized how much you need it, how much you love it. God, I love this game."

"You ever heard the expression 'The best things in live are free.' Well that expression is true.' Every once in a while, people step up they rise above themselves sometimes they surprise you and sometimes they fall short. Life is funny sometimes. It can push pretty hard but if you look close enough, you can find hope in the words of children, in the bars of the song and in the eyes of someone you love. And if you're lucky, if you're the luckiest person on this entire planet, the person you love decides to love you back."

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Doonytime said...

I don't know "One Tree Hill". I'd never heard of it before your blog, but I like that quote.

Complanceny and taking things (and people) for granted are a normal human instinct. We grow comfortable with what's around us.

A very lovely monologue, which, even though I haven't seen it, I can hear it being spoken; I'll guess, at the end of an episode.

Maybe I'm just a sentimental fool, but that made a lump in my throat....

Pass the kleenex.