Friday 29 June 2012

Thirty something skin

As you may know I hit the big 30 last year, yes I am officially old. In my teens I had acne and still now I have some scars and I have always had combination skin. Oily T-zone and just really a mind of its own. I had got used to it being this way and then two months ago it changed!

It was a Sunday evening and I had just had a shower after going for a run and I noticed a red patch of skin between my eyes. I popped on my usual face cream and forgot about it. Then before bed I now realised I was red above my eyes and a little on my forehead. It was sore to my touch so I put on some e45 cream, I did put loads on that I remember it was everywhere! I assumed it was a reaction to my face getting warm and sweaty after my run (nice!) and would wake up in the morning and it would be fine.

I was so wrong.

The redness was still there and now it was flaking. I looked like I had been sun burnt and the top of my face felt like it was just peeling away. Luckily I didn't have to go anywhere and could work from home. I simply washed my face with water and decided I'd stop looking at myself in the mirror. By lunchtime the redness had eased and it wasn't as sore but the flakes were bad! I stopped using ALL face products for over two weeks and was careful when I was spraying my perfume. I had no idea what had caused my face to suddenly react the way that it did. I'm not the biggest make up wearer ever but going out without make up was like walking around naked. I'd walk with my head down and rarely make eye contact in case my face was peeling away again. I started wearing bright lipstick (I don't do this!) to make people notice my lips than my forehead. My self confidence took a serious whack and after being totally fed up I decided to go for an allergy test.

I was allergic to nothing. Which left me disappointed as what else could it be? I'd stopped putting anything but water on my face and I was still peeling. I was way down deep in the 'yuck' territory and then the woman said to me after she gave me my results "It's quite common for someone your age to have the odd eczema attack"


Is there a manual about turning thirty that I didn't read?

So yes my little flaky peely episode was eczema, you probably read this and might have thought it was that but at the time it never even crossed my mind. After a couple of days of using Eucerin and it was all cleared up and my confidence was back. The experience has made me very wary of what I put on my face and especially to pat my skin dry when it's wet. Something so simple, I felt like a right wally! One of the reasons I love reviewing mypure products on this blog is that they are organic products and I am now on the look for a new face cream. I had a look in Boots the other day at various face creams and started looking at their ingredients and I just kept putting everything back.

I've not had any bad 'episodes' since that first flare up but I'll admit I do take notice more and if I see the slight glimpse of red I grab the Eucerin pot. I've gone from combination skin to dry skin, what's next?

Stupid skin!


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