Wednesday 27 June 2012

mypure Review: Lovea Burkina Shea Butter Nourishing Body Lotion

After reviewing the Lovea Bio shampoo recently it felt an obvious choice to go with something else from the range. So I went with the Burkina Shea Butter Nourishing Body Lotion and I really wasn't disappointed. My skin is fairly normal but straight after a bath or shower it feels like it has been sapped of all moisture despite the good shower gels that I use. I seem to leave the shower soft, but then when I'm dry I'm DRY!

The blurb

Lovea Burkina Shea Butter Nourishing Body Lotion is an ideal treatment for dry skin. It provides an immediate feeling of comfort and well-being and skin feels visibly smoother and intensely nourished. This body lotion uses organic certified Burkina shea butter, a precious active ingredient from Africa, its rich, creamy texture will nourish very dry skin.

My Review

First of all there is that familiar coconut smell that you will smell immediately and then you won't be able to stop putting it on as you smell so yummy. Definitely don't need a lot of this so go with the saying less is more but it dries quickly and it leaves your skin soft and shiny. My dry troublesome areas are my knees (urgh) and my elbows (urgh) but this after a few goes has greatly improved the dryness. I haven't just used this after a shower/bath but for everyday use and despite it being quite heavily fragranced it doesn't interfere with your perfume. I was worried at one point that I would just smell of coconut and would make everyone daydream of the hot Summer nights. 

This definitely works and smells so yummy that you'll have to stop smothering yourself in the stuff. At £6.99 this is a good price for a good body lotion. I'm very happy with both of my Lovea purchases. Definitely will check more of the range out!

mypure deliver worldwide (postage charges apply) and they pride themselves on organic beauty products. The website is easy to use, you'll be emailed promptly with your order details and when it has been despatched and the delivery is quick.


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