Saturday 30 June 2012

Blog Love - June

Another month gone and we're half way through the year. Say, WHAT? I have enjoyed the relatively sunny weather the last few days. People in the north of England and further South have not had it so good, our poor world is definitely a shaking a bit. With another month gone I've also found a load more great blogs for your perusal. Feel free to recommend any too :-)


Beauty and fashion it's all here. This blog is super popular already so there's a chance you already follow it but the post on deep cleaning your make up brushes was fab. Something I need to do more often!


Casey Ho's blog has been on my radar for some time. Her simple fitness youtube videos and eating guides are always insightful. The videos are short but they hurt (that means they are working)! She also makes fitness fun, yep she does!


Came across this site through my fabulous NI friend Kay. I love that people get the push to start a blog and they really have something to offer the blogosphere. Her guides are easy to follow and you can tell she's super creative. Some of my fave posts are Colourful Jam Jar Desk Tidy, How To Chalk Your Hair and of course Euro 2012 Nails. My hidden creative soul has been unleashed!

A bowl full of lemons

Another keeping organised blog but with so many great tips and awesome printables this is high up on my blog reading list now.


I love this social media blog, if you have to run a twitter or a facebook account for your site or maybe it's your job this is a great site. Brilliant tips for interacting on facebook and pinterest and all made to look effortless. Me likey!


I've been totally and utterly caught up in the Song Pop craze and there are a few songs that have made me go back through my iTunes and giggle and this is one of them

Wamdue Project - King of my Castle... I don't remember this video!!!

Have a good month!


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