Thursday 26 April 2012

My own vineyard

Who doesn't want their own vineyard?

Thought you'd all agree. From reading my blog you'll know that I love gardening and any excuse to get outside. Having my very own vineyard sounded like a bit of an extreme idea especially as I don't have a lot of room so this mini vineyard is ideal.

So when mine arrived by a soaked through courier driver (seriously what is with the rain?!?) and I took the crate from the box I was already near bouncing around. I love wine, I am not very keen on really dark red wine but I'll give anything a try ;-)

I was almost too afraid to open it, I had never had anything delivered in a crate before!

Eventually I got brave and opened it.

Can you see them?

In the crate you get a white and a red grape variety and... now here is the best part 

"We have specially chosen two grape varieties that we know will thrive in our fickle British climate to produce a harvest of delicious grapes within a couple of years which can either be enjoyed as they are or can be made into their very own wine"

Fickle British climate? Whatever do they mean? ;-)

I have planted them in pots for now. I had to build an ark to get outside though and will keep you updated on how these go. I'm extremely excited to see these grow. I have now put the pots under a table until this rain has stopped for a bit, I'm being over cautious I'm sure.

They also came with some simple instructions that I feel like quite the wine expert now.

This mini vineyard was from

And as my birthday is looming (I shall be 4. I was 3 last year) here are some other goodies from the site that I like/want ;-)

I love a good notebook. Especially one named "evil plans and stuff"

"Learning to dance in the rain" - LOVE this quote

Retro Sweets Jar - cola cubes, pineapple cubes, sherbert lemons or foam teeth!

Will keep you updated on my vineyard :-)


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