Friday 6 April 2012

Easter Egg Nests

I think these Easter Nests were the first things I made with my Mum when I was little. I still make them every year and when my friend's daughter was round it seemed the perfect time to bring out the recipe. Of course the recipe only has a few items on it, simple. But these are oh so delicious. Nom Noms.

  • 600g cooking chocolate (300g milk, 300g dark) I like to mix the two types together. If you can't get 300g packets then go for whatever you can get but make sure you get the same in the other. Half n half :-)
  • Bran Flakes - I've tried every cereal and whilst Shredded Wheat makes good shaped nests in theory they turn into dust! The chocolate sticks well to bran flakes. The amount? No idea. I just chuck some in and then when I've added the chocolate I'll see if I need to add any more.
  • Mini eggs - Obviously at least two bags. Maybe a third for munchies throughout the making process.

Break up the chocolate into a bowl and then pop it in the microwave to melt or put it over a saucepan of water on the hob

Melted chocolate - stir it around and ALWAYS make sure it tastes like chocolate. I do this at least four times!

Bran flakes in a bowl. Boring huh? But you know what happens next? ;-)

You add the chocolate to the flakes. Now again, a taste test is most important. You might find if there is a lot of chocolate just sitting there that you need to add more flakes or you might have slurped the excess! 

Mini eggs. Simply put the nest mixture into cake cases and press two mini eggs into each nest. Nom!

Easy as that! Be warned - they won't last long!

Oh so simple to make and a great way to introduce your little ones to making cakes. 

Happy Easter everyone!



Brooke said...

So cute! My mom made a variation of these when I was a kid... it was rice crispy treats and coconut I think?

blissbubbley said...

Yep, sounds right. You should make them again, memories <3