Monday 30 April 2012

Blog Love - April

So how are my UK peeps doing with all this rain? I love the rain. The rain is good for the garden and all that good stuff. BUT the rain also makes my hair look like a puffball and I hate how my trousers wrap around my shoes when they are wet and yucky I get wet feet. So has anyone built an ark yet? 

So anyway, here are my April blog picks 

This isn't a new blog pick but if you have a blog this is a must have site to read. Full of blogging tips and this has become my blogging and social media bible.

CAKES. What more do you need to know? Well ok it's not just cakes there is cookies and the thing I love most is her photos of all her recipes. Nom!

Only came across this site through stumbleupon this month and it has great tips to help with productivity and tips and downloads that will simplify your life.

You might know by now that I love football. But within that I also love the homes of football. I love reading about stadium all around the world and this site isn't updated much but when it is I love reading about the new weird and wonderful stadiums around the world.

I love their selection of various podcasts and this accompanying blog is another must have. I really enjoyed their recent articles on getting organised at home.

Another music vid for the end of my blog love this month, but this isn't a new song but a song that has been in my head for most of April. For some reason!


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