Monday, 2 April 2012

Blog Love - March

Slow down 2012... you're going too fast! This year is going so quick or am I just being lazy and not getting enough stuff done? Well whatever is happening it's April. Last week's weather was a lovely surprise and apparently we're going to have snow showers this week... WHAT!?! So anyway what were my top blog reads in March? Well here you go;

Everyone loves ikea... well apart from those who don't I guess ;-) But here is a site where "ikea hackers" have taken an ikea product and have turned it into their own creation. It might have a simple addition to it or it may take a different form entirely. It's an addictive site for seeing how creative people get!

I've just started getting the garden ready for growing vegetables (a bit late this year I know!) and this site can help with garden designs, tips and which vegetables to grow. There are also lots of recipes which can entice you into growing your own veg in your garden. Great informative site. 

You know I love my organising tips and this is a great site to help with de-cluttering. It's become a bit of an obsession! 

Just because you might live in a very small space does not mean that it cannot be a great space to live in. This site showcases some fantastic rooms and apartments that make the biggest space look ridiculous. Great inspiration for decorating in small spaces

Last on this list BUT by no means least, this is one of my favourite blogs - not just from March either. The tips always make me feel happier and I find that they either relate to a feeling I have right now or to someone else that I know. Inspirational motivation these days is always worthwhile with so much doom and gloom about. Have a read of this site and you'll regain some positivity.

In March I totally starting loving this song, I'm not a Nicki Minaj fan at all but this is a great workout track;


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