Tuesday 16 August 2011

Where have you been?

Image from HERE

I had an email this week asking me "Where have you been?" to my blog email addy. Yes. I hold my hands up I did say that I wasn't going to be posting every day but I did expect I would be around more than I have been. My bad. Sorry. Thanks for the email though, much appreciated. She's lovely.
Blogging less had made me realise how OCD I had become and it was a real struggle to not schedule the week as normal and pretend I'd not said I wasn't going to be posting as much. But now I feel happier, not that the blogging lark had become a chore but I didn't realise how much it had become an addiction and it's been very nice to break away from it. 

I didn't last week post my Weekly Loves blog but this was due to being upset by the scenes on the news and feeling in many ways it might appear rude to post it. The London riots and the troubles that then spread did not make me proud to live here but I have to say that the picture below did make me proud. The clean up operation has been truly amazing and for that reason alone this picture gets my entire Weekly love recommendation from last week.

And look at me not posting this at 9am in the morning like I used to. Wow! 

I did nearly schedule it for tomorrow at 9am *slaps hand*


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