Friday, 26 August 2011

Weekly Loves

Became addicted to these this week, the Mint ones are especially yummy. Nom nom!

I have decided that there is no point buying summer clothes unless you are planning to spend a large proportion of the year in a warmer country. I've been back in jumpers this week and my coat has had fair usage too. We did though manage to get a sunny, rain free day at the zoo. I love the zoo, my favourites the tigers were happy laying about in the sunshine and I would have happily joined them - they wouldn't eat me would they?

- It's nearly time for the Rugby World Cup. More Dan Carter swooning... ;-)

- I have only just started watching The IT Crowd and it is hilarious. If you're a bit late (like me) then you can watch them on 4OD :-)

- Auto Corrects on a phone are the worst aren't they? How about some of these... #6 is my favourite :-)

- I've seen everyone buying their back to school stationery... I might have to buy some for myself. These cupcake erasers look yum!

It's bank holiday weekend in the UK so enjoy :-)


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