Thursday, 18 August 2011

Review: Very Lazy Red Thai Curry

When this Very Lazy Red Thai Curry arrived I was looking after my goddaughter for the day and she was quite intrigued as to why someone was sending me jars of food stuffs through the post. More so she wanted us to make it which we did but this is possibly the toughest person to try this as said goddaughter does not like curry!

I have reviewed another one of Very Lazy's cooking concentrates here and I do love them for their quick, easy meals. This one is no different with an ingredients list of chicken and coconut milk! DONE.With four very simple steps and it's ready in 20 minutes, quick, easy and of course tasty food can be hard to find.

All through the cooking process my goddaughter was enjoying helping but she kept saying "I'll try a bit as I've made it but I won't want a lot". I let her try some on a teaspoon and she made a funny face, much like ones I used to make when I was her age and then quite surprisingly she said "Can I have some more?" Before I'd realised it I had handed her another spoonful and this time there was a smiley face. We'd been good and made our own naan breads earlier in the day and off she went making the table ready for when the boys returned from the football.

She happily tucked in as we all did to the easiest curry I've had except of course takeaway and restaurant ;-)

My plate. Yes not much rice as I like a lot of sauce for my naan bread. Nom. Was delicious. Four empty plates at the end and giving the details of the curry to my goddaughter's Mum was absolutely priceless. Yes she had curry. Her godmother is the bestest :-)

Back to the curry; this can be made with chicken, prawns or another suggestion is butternut squash. Nom to all three. Takes barely any time and the food itself is tasty and rich in flavour.

Ready in twenty minutes. Always a winner. I'm a big fan of the cooking concentrates and there's bound to be something for you :-)


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