Monday, 1 August 2011

Music Monday: Fleetwood Mac - The Chain

With the somewhat unsurprising news that BBC will end up sharing Formula One coverage with Sky I thought this would be the perfect Music Monday track. The Chain features in the BBC titles sequence for F1 coverage and when F1 moved to ITV many missed the familiar F1 theme.

Fleetwood Mac are one of my favourite bands and I have to say that most Sundays start with a bit of Fleetwood Mac playing in the background. :-)

Also congratulations to Jenson Button for yesterday's win! ;-)

Oh and here's a Jenson pic for the ladies... ;-)

 Jenson Button makes book signing look lush ;-)

Oh and whilst on the topic of BBC and Sky. Fans don't be fooled that other sports won't leave the BBC, like Wimbledon for instance. In business it comes down to money and Sky has it and the BBC well... 

As a football fan I know that the sport has largely been taken away due to stupid fixture timings. Saturday 3pm kick offs are no longer a guaranteed fixture. Sadly fans are not taken into consideration and at the end of the day it all comes down to money! 

Anyone else wondering if Sky to overcome the "advert problem" will run F1 races with adverts in the corner? They better be thinking about doing something. Hate adverts in F1. Urgh!


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Rhoda Kellar said...

This made me smile, my hubby loves Fleetwood Mac. He's going through a phase of playing them CONSTANTLY at the moment!