Friday 19 August 2011

Weekly Loves

I just had to get this ;-)

The weather this week has been cold, wet and bleurgh really but today the sun is out and apparently it will be nice again tomorrow too so make sure you are all out enjoying it! I'm still chuckling away at the picture above, it's great isn't it? Any excuse to not do house work ;-)

- A few TV programmes of worthy note that I have been addicted to recently besides the usual ones that I have mentioned on here before; Falling Skies is my new favourite. I was a big fan of Noah Wyle in ER and I am still :-) It's a science fiction drama produced by Steven Spielberg and I have been pleased to learn there will be a second season. So many TV series now get cancelled just as I've got into them so I am glad this one is staying. Another is the US version of The Killing, you must check out the Danish version too. Both are worthy to watch, excellent drama with fantastic acting. 

- I saw Mr Popper's Penguins (kids time) and The Inbetweeners Movie (adult time), both worth seeing :-)

- Girls read this :-)

- 100 healthy remedies that are right in your home

The addiction to pinterest continues... is it wrong to set aside time to pin? ;-) 

I'm a bit behind with my RSS reading so next week this will be longer!

And also. Look. Another blog not posted at 9am. The blogging OCD is over... although I've been kind of rocking in the corner until now :-)


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