Wednesday 13 October 2010

The Swap Party

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I got invited to my first swap party a couple of months ago and instantly I was hooked. The idea is pretty simple basically a swap party is where you swap clothes, jewellery, accessories etc. It's a great money saver, another way to recycle and a great way to socialise.

Having been to a few of these now and this month it's my turn to host :-) I admit I'm excited and nervous all at the same time. But I guess that is normal right?

The theme to my party; and this will surprise most of you is PINK 

It is Breast Cancer Awareness Month so any donations will be made to that cause. Our home has literally been taken over by all things pink in readiness of my decorating next week; tablecloths, balloons, napkins, paper plates (the list goes on and on). Spurs boy actually came home the other day and nearly walked back out thinking he had come to the wrong apartment!

I have organised;
  • A raffle with gifts donated from local shops and businesses. Money made from raffle tickets will go to charity
  • Basic finger food. Nom!
  • Pink Iced cupcakes. Nom Nom!
  • Cosmopolitan cocktails. Deeelish! Although I still need to master the perfect Cosmopolitan (homework!)
  • Going to be using some of the Mad Libs from my book I received in my secret post club last month as entertainment
  • I'm borrowing some floor length mirrors and clothes rails
The guests and of course myself then bring along at least one item to swap with. I have never yet seen anyone turn up with just one thing as it's normally a stuffed carrier bag. At my first swap someone brought along 3 big bags full! 

You can bring along clothes, shoes, jewellery, bags etc whatever you want to. When everyone arrives you or in this case my Bestie will sort through all the swaps and place out or hang up the items ready for the swap. Bestie volunteered to do the swap sorting, I think she just wants to snoop and check out all the merchandise first! Clever girl ;-)

Then once it's all set everyone picks their number from a hat, to see the order of who picks first. Then it begins. I'm going to get a little changing area sorted in the spare room, not quite sure how it's gonna happen as yet but Spurs boy is building stuff :-O

You can find a whole new outfit at one of these parties, or the perfect pair of earrings to go with that dress but you need to remember something. Any item that you have brought along you have probably picked from your wardrobe/cupboard because you've not worn/used it in 6 months or maybe it's brand new. So before you pick an item make sure you're not gonna be looking at in further done the line and saying "I should have picked that other top/dress/whatever.

I'm actually writing that last bit so that I remember! :-)

Some swap parties sort the items into low price, mid price and high end but we don't do that. We're a pretty civilised bunch of ladies (no laughter please) and we're never gonna fight over stuff (yes I've read stories about nasty fights!). But of course some people may choose to do it, to me it seems a bit too much bother! LOL

So anyway that's all about me and my swap party. I know I've spent a bit of money which I suppose takes away the point of it being "cost cutting" but we've got quite a group together now that I don't think I'll be hosting another for at least a year!

Spurs boy got in the pink swing of things by washing some of his shirts in the wash with one of Little man's RED football socks last week. This was by accident. Funny though and very on topic!

Have you ever held a swap party?

Are you doing any events for Breast Cancer Awareness Month?

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