Monday 4 October 2010

Recycling books

What do you do with your books once you have read them? Sell them on ebay, pass on to a friend, take to a charity shop are a few options. Of course most people put their books onto a bookshelf and leave them there to gather dust, or is that just me?

Anyway I found out about Green Metropolis. You can sell your books on there for £3.00 and buy any book on there for £3.75 (free delivery on standard size paperbacks and no minimum order value).

Selling books on there is easy, just enter the ISBN number and its condition. Your book is then entered into their bookstore for sale. There's no charge made for listing books either. Once the book is sold they will notify you by e-mail of where to send the book and credit your account. 

If the book is a large paperback or hardback, you can also add a postage payment to the book, and receive this in addition to your £3.00 book credit.

Also for every book sold they donate 5p to the Woodland Trust :-)

I've sold a lot of books on there already and also bought a few too (I've sold more than I've bought I should add). You can add a wanted list of books and if the book is not listed the site will email you once someone has put it on for sale.

I plan to put more books on for sale this week. Spurs boy and I tend to be reading books now on on our iPhone and iPad instead.

I've got another way of recycling that will be on the blog later this week :-)

Also I don't receive anything if you sign up to Green Metropolis, I just wanted to share some green tips with you :-)

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blissbubbley said...

It's my new favourite website :-)