Thursday 21 October 2010

Sarah's writings

You may have heard me mention a few times on here that I love notebooks, currently at the moment I'm using four. FOUR?

Yes Four.

1. Notebook for ideas for my blog
2. Notebook for work, which I recently keep leaving at home. Doh!
3. Notebook for lists and my plans for world domination *does crazy manic laugh*
4. Notebook for my writings

From notebook of my writings I thought I'd share a little segment that I wrote about a year ago;

It had been a perfect day,
Autumn leaves rustling on the floor,
There was a slight chill but I was walking at pace,
I wasn't supposed to see you there.

The Park was full of couples,
All out enjoying the day,
I was out to meet a friend,
This friend was not you.

I was the one who spotted you first,
Then you did and you smiled back at me,
Everything you said to me last time flooded back,
I left the Park as quickly as my feet would let me.

Outside I started to catch my breath again,
But I was still remembering everything,
Gently I took hold again,
I won't let you do this any more.

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