Thursday, 4 July 2013

Sarah Hates... it when people don't change the channel

I realise that we can not all like every single sport, band, film... as the next person but I do know that every single day we have the choice to not sit through something we don't like. Many times I have seen people incessantly moan about a band, TV programme, sport but they continue to sit there watching it.


Now... I realise that is down to you what you watch but why must you update across various social networks that you hate this band/TV programme/sport but are still watching it. Not only that but you have mentioned hours earlier that the band/TV programme/sport is going to be on later and how much you dislike them. Do you not realise that you don't have to watch it?

Case in point. Mumford & Sons at Glastonbury became a social network meltdown as everyone felt the need to reveal their disdain for the band or others chose to stick up for the band. I chose to avoid social networking and actually decided after the lights show of the Arctic Monkeys that I would watch Mumford & Sons later in the week.

Is this another of those 'I'm cool because I don't like this band' thing well you look like an idiot.

Also two other remote control based rants;

1. Yes I realise there are other exciting things to watch on other channels and yes I might have decided to watch something you don't like but guess what with Sky+, red buttons, iPlayers I can watch everything I want to but obviously not all at once. It's a technological wonder!

2. Dear BBC, If I sit to watch Djokovic playing Berdych then I want to watch that match in full, I don't want to go from BBC1 to BBC2, back to BBC1 and then the red button. I want to be able to sit and watch the match in one place. Could we have a Wimbledon channel please? So annoying.

I feel so much better for ranting, thanks for listening :-)


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