Tuesday, 30 July 2013

mypure review: Akin Skin Care Pure Radiance Organic Rosehip Oil

I had bad acne as a teenager, actually no, I 'thought' I had bad acne but really it wasn't as bad as I thought it had been. But at the time I had it 'the worst ever' - such a drama queen! I still have slight acne scars on my face which I am very conscious of, they also flare up when I'm ill. It's like a reminder when I'm feeling rough that "Hey, your skin is crappy too". Gee, thanks life!

When looking at products to review I had my eye on A'kin Rosehip Oil and I'd noticed in the other reviews that people who had adult acne scars had seen an improvement. They also noted that it had made their skin brighter and lessened the darker skin patches under the eyes. When I first starting using this I put 2-3 drops in my hand and just massaged it over my face, obviously be careful around the eye area. If like me you can be a bit clumsy then apply in front of a mirror. The oil is bright orange and I naturally feared I might end up looking like I'd been tangoed! That didn't happen by the way.

The oil left my skin definitely looking brighter and I find now that my acne scarring isn't as red as it has been before. I did find that although it was quite oily that my skin needed a bit more oomph so I started to add it to my night time moisturiser. Despite being an oil it mixed well with my lotion and gave me the right coverage. I have been using this now for a few months and I will definitely be re-purchasing it. Although that probably won't be for another couple of months or possibly not until 2014 as it does last a long time. 2-3 drops a night is going to last you a while.

mypure deliver worldwide (postage charges apply) and they pride themselves on organic beauty products. The website is easy to use, you'll be emailed promptly with your order details, when it has been despatched and the delivery is quick.


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