Thursday, 20 June 2013

James Gandolfini

It was so sad to see the news filter through in the early hours of today that James Gandolfini had died. The Sopranos ranks very highly on my list of favourite TV programmes. As TV programmes go, it was ground breaking and I still remember recommending the series to my Mum. When I had explained that it was about a man living in the Mafia world she wasn't exactly excited to start watching. I reiterated how good it was and she promised to watch the first couple. 

Before I knew it she was onto Season Two and thanking me for telling her how great it was. By the time she had got round to watching it, they were all available on Sky+ so she sped through the rest of them. The role of Tony Soprano was so iconic that I found myself calling Gandolfini 'Soprano' and I do remember saying when someone asked about the film The Mexican that I told them "Tony Soprano is in it". Oh the shame of it! 

The Sopranos is still available on Sky Demand and this Friday (tomorrow) Sky Atlantic will show four of the best episodes as a tribute to him. I'll definitely be watching.

RIP James Gandolfini and thank you.


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