Thursday 13 June 2013

Big Brother 2013!

I've decided that I am going to watch Big Brother 2013. This probably sounds like a random statement but I used to be a bit addicted to the series. I have not watched Big Brother in ages, years infact. I actually started to lose interest after Big Brother 8 and I had lost all interest when the series moved to Channel 5. I have decided to give it another go and I really like Emma Willis who is presenting this time. I also do realise that I might get annoyed after one evening :-/

What does Big Brother 2013 have in store? 

  • The new series launches tonight (Thursday 13th June) at 9pm and the show is on until 10.30pm. 
  • There is a two episode launch with the next part tomorrow at 9pm. 
  • Bit on the side is back (I've never watched this before) and will be on after each episode so that you get to see more of the housemates. This is always good fun especially after launch shows. 
  • I have to confess I've never been much of a Davina McCall fan but of course she is long gone from the series. I absolutely LOVE Emma Willis so I'm happy that she is presenting. 
  • Emma Willis will be presenting on a Bit on the side too. She will be presenting that with Rylan Clark (oh dear) and AJ Oduhu. 
  • There will be a live feed of sorts this time around. The live feed will be available on 5* which is viewable through freeview. The feed will be two hours but only one hour on Sundays. 
  • The theme this year is self-sufficency. 

Here are some pictures of the house;

It's worth noting the doors feature in the entrance and also the bathroom is under the treehouse!



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